Aims and Objectives

Our Primary Aim

To promote live music, in particular choral singing, as a community benefit


  • To provide open access to the choir and acceptance of all singing abilities
  • To improve individuals’ skills and confidence in singing
  • To create a group ethos in the Community Choir in which people can sing and perform together and make friends
  • To perform to local community audiences and spread the appreciation of music
  • To improve individuals’ health and well-being through being part of an activity
  • To take singing to groups in the community such as care homes and disadvantaged young people (outreach work)


  • Use of live music to accompany singing
  • Regular choir sessions with paid leaders/ musicians to improve skills and confidence
  • Working with elderly people in care homes and community groups to encourage them to sing and perform, for social and health benefits
  • Putting on performances, both closed ones for local groups and open ones in the community, to spread the love of music and contribute to community cohesion.
  • Encouraging small groups and individuals within the choir to sing and perform